Two weeks owned and paying off

Owned my camera for less than two weeks only bought it because people kept going around trying to open doors etc. bought it and caught some thief’s who robbed my neighbor. They stole an assault rifle and a sniper. Purchased an additional camera for our parking lot after this to cover it for any future incidents. Additionally I adjusted my settings to not miss anything next time I’ll happily charge it more if needed. I’m only allowed to add one attachment since I’m new.



I got mine because someone got into my house. at the time I only had one camera. the person got away before a face to face ( which is a good thing)

when the officer asked me why I had it inside my house I told him, " I wont need an attorney. everything is recorded, and I’ll have done the right thing"

more times than not, they don’t want confrontation and will run away really really fast. but be prepared and make sure you have the evidence and argument on your side!. well done and good capture!


Yes my local Home Depot has the starter bundle (sensors can etc) for $79 I’m gonna buy one for an inside camera for the same reason as you. I would love all evidence and proof if placed in a circumstance of needing to us my gun.

Worst thing about it is my down stairs neighbor is a cop and they still robbed someone in our building… balls

Down side to my capture is we only got the one guys face as my settings were not the best but due to my camera they actually have something other than “I was robbed”.


with their pension of taking things. I would try to keep that out of grabbing distance. and maybe try to get a V3 for a window to capture them parking/ coming in. :slight_smile:


So it is up some ways I’m 6’4” and it’s at the edge of my reach now. I adjusted it to see better etc but still see my door if someone is at it and I have one on my balcony for the parking lot now.

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thats good. a good make of the car along with the descriptors/ pictures of person are very easy to find in the NCIC if they are found to be involved in other things.

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Exactly. Additionally the cop who lives below me is purchasing cameras as well and asked to mount one on my balcony covering half the parking lot and mine the other half.


If I were you I would invest in cam plus for your outdoor cams, set them to no cooldown period and 5 min recordings if you have not already done so. It would be $15.00 a year for each cam. A good use of $30.00. Or as stated above get a V3 when they are available again. I have 4 outdoor cams on cam plus and they record some strange goings on …

I do have cam plus setup on both bought it for each one the day I set them up!

Why a v3 for a window? Is that the best way to use the v3?

No but if you don’t have an option to “hard wire” one outside indoor at a window is a good option. Only reason I just bought a wireless outdoor is because I’m in an apartment so I can’t really wire one up and I didn’t want a glare etc on it when recording.

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You need to adjust the angle of the Front door cam higher.

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I did I adjusted the angle and settings so you can see perfectly now.