Stolen cameras

Good morning community. I am have I believe to be on of the worst weeks I think I’ve ever had. Where to begin. I left my home on August 14 for my second time to move out of state. I was gone twelve days. First week goes by everything was good cameras all worked other than the normal daily restart/reset. Begining of second week cameras started slowly not working one by one until all went off line. I arrived home this past saturday to find that what I had left for my last trip was just about all gone. Including the cameras. I’m guessing estimation to b at about 15k- 20k lost. I have roommates that say they know nothing. Other than the owner of the house who is also a 4oom mate said he packed some of the small stuff up and placed it my vehicle. Which now is no longer there as well as my vehicle being a total loss due to it being vandalized. I really need all your help very badly. Now because I don’t have cameras anymore I cannot view the footage through the cloud. What in the world am I supposed to due. Forgive me if I’m wrong and uneducated don’t have time to educate myself right now need to get back to work cause now I’m adding loss of wages to this mess but what’s the point of the cameras if the theiefsteals them where’s the footage then

You should still be able to view all of your cloud footage through the app. The cams are not necessary for that. Did you try to view them through the app on your phone?

I am so sorry to hear of your difficulties! Depending on lots of variables there may be a cloud clip that could prove useful. Cloud clips are only kept for 14 days so check right away. Go to the events tab in the app even if all the cameras are gone. If there is a useful clip be sure to download and save a copy.

Unfortunately there is no option for continuous recording to the cloud so if the camera is gone and there are no event clips then there is not a lot you can do footage wise.

Considering the amount of value you are reporting the police will consider that a serious offense so do be certain you report that fact.

Best of luck, and I hope you are able to recover some or all of your stolen property.

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Renters and/or Car insurance may be able to cover some of the loss.

Though, I would be looking to move. Why would the home owner put your stuff outside if you were paid up on your rent? That is a violation of trust and may be illegal depending on where you live.

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Sorry to hear about the rough luck you’ve been having.

I think your best bet is to log onto the app on your phone and see what footage was saved during the time frame. Look for any “events” that was captured for the time frame in question.

Good luck in your recovery efforts of your items. I hope it caught some footage that would be helpfulin your recovery efforts.

Thank u all there is footage in the events of stuff being removed u guys are awesome


Now about them taking and reusing my cameras could wyze have a log of serial numbers on the cameras and trace it back to who reused them

Do download the clips from the cloud for safe keeping or they will disappear after turning 14 days old.