Two homes being controlled from one phone


My sister and I live in the same apartment complex, about two blocks away from each other.

My sister has an account of her own, on HER own spectrum network. She has two cameras, that are shared with me. She has one wyze bulb, and one wyze plug that ARE NOT shared with me.

I have my own account, on MY OWN spectrum network. I have three cameras, that are shared with her. I have two wyze plugs that ARE NOT shared with her.

When I use my android phone, everything works like it is supposed to work.

When I use MY google mini-speaker (or my google assistant on my phone) and tell it to turn on/off my lights (on wyze plugs), both mine and her lights turn on/off (even though hers are on a separate network with separate plugs/bulbs).

Has anyone else had this problem, and or is it a bug in the software.

Yes it can be reproduced, Every time I use my google mini-speaker or google assistant on my phone!

All cameras V2s, plugs, and bulb have been updated to their latest firmwares.

My sister asked me a couple of days ago if I had turned her lights out on her, and I told her no; that I didn’t know of any way that I could. Then today she asked me again, so I started checking out my phone/speaker connections and YES, it does turn them out from my house while I am trying to turn on/off my own lights but it controls her lights at the same time.

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I did open a support ticket (email). Hopefully they will respond and let us know?

Google doesn’t like the Wyze and Company sandbox… They would rather play by their own rules

Welcome to the Wyze community @TonyMyers56!
This is an interesting issue.
I will report this to the @WyzeTeam immediately!
Can you go into your Google Home app and see if the non-shared devices are there? Can you confirm that they are not in your Wyze app? Were these devices ever shared with you?

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Apparently yes, she did share them with me and they were on MY google home app, but not assigned to any room. So I set up another home address, and moved her devices to their respective rooms in HER home. Now when I go back to my home page in the google app and use the google mini-speaker, everything seems to work properly.


So it’s working fine and you’ve solved it?:smiley:
Edit: it seems like you have indeed fixed the issue! I’m glad you were able to!


Apparently it has been solved.

I created a new home inside my google home app for my sister’s house. I move her devices into her page, in their respective rooms and now I have to switch between the two homes to control each.