Google home will turn on 2 wyze plugs independently but shuts both off together

Several months ago I set up 2 Wyze plugs to work with 2 nightstand lamps. Each worked with the Wyze app on 2 different cell phones, and with Google Home to turn them on and off (eg 'Turn on Joan’s light or Turn off Alan’s light). However, within the past few weeks telling Google Home ‘turn off Alan’s light’ also turns off Joan’s light. The lights still turn on independently with their plug specific commands, and ‘turn off Joan’s light’ still only turns off that light. But ‘turn off Alan’s light’ also turns off Joan’s light. I have no ‘triggers or rules’ set up. I tried removing Alan’s plug from Wyze and then reinstalled it - issue still exists. So far the only thing that appears to work (time will tell) is renaming Alan’s light to ‘Alan’. Could the names Joan and Alan appear too similar? Lately Google home sometimes asks for reconfirmation of the ‘Turn off Joan’s light’ command. Any connection to this issue? Is Goole speaker not hearing well? Appreciate thoughts from all.

It sounds like “turn off all the lights”?


thanks - you are probably correct, although I did not have this problem previously. I wonder if the google speaker has an issue with hearing correctly.

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I have noticed in the last 6 months that googles speech to text on my phone has gotten less accurate. it something that is supposedly trained and learning YOUR voice constantly…but it seems to change accuracy…I wouldn’t doubt it uses the same AI basis, so maybe they are training it on updated algorithm sections from time to time and it changes accuracy some for better, some for worse…no way to really be sure on it.