Two cams events recording to cloud?

TRIED ALL KINDS OF THINGS Factory reset ,format etc…still on 2 of my three cams no event recordings. Live works well and can make manual recordings…need help please. I have went through tech support with nothing resolved…I am about ready to return these to Amazon… One of my three cams works fine so I know its not a internet/router problem. Any ideas? Thanks!

Cloud recording is in response to either a sound event or a motion event. Depends on which one(s) you have turned on. These settings are per camera. Can you confirm what detection settings you have enabled on each camera?

Both on each camera and thanks for any help !

Ok, now the next question would be what the detection settings are set to. See my screenshot below for one of my cameras.

If they are okay let me know please.


The same settings only both sound and motion

Ok then the last question is have you walked in front of a camera or caused a loud noise near one? If nothing happens that they would consider motion or sound they won’t record anything.

Also make sure you are checking the “Events” tab for the video?

And make sure the right day is selected.

Thanks, I will check.

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Yes…did lots of motion and noise…just nothing gets uploaded to the cloud.

We are users just like you so I would say your next step would be to involve the Wizards at Wyze directly! :relieved:

Seriously their support folks are very good and have access to tools, technology and information we don’t!

You can open a support ticket here.

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Thanks for your help anyway…I think I will just return them to Amazon.

Hi @safari. Have you checked the Wyze Support Pages to see if the solution to your problem is there?

I’m having the same issue and we’re waiting for the engineer now.

No worries!

Funny one of my cams work, two don’t. Hope we get answers soon.

Yes multiple times and have tried all the tips I could find…maybe just two defective units.