Turn off cam in Wyze App.

Turned off a cam last night with Wyze app (Android phone), still off, yes infrared stayed on. Surprise this AM, turned on Win10 PC with Bluestacks and Tinycam and the cam was streaming! Obviously turning off with app, only turns off to the app. Not what I would think OFF means. Any way to actually make this work short of using another device to turn off power?

V2 cam, latest FW, latest App (not beta). As an aside, my Pan cam creates its own sound alert when panning. Have had to turn off sound alerts.

I would love to see this feature as well. The ability to simply turn off the camera completely seems to be a pretty basic feature the wyze cam is definitely missing.

When I turn a cam off with Wyze app , I get nothing showing for that cam in Tinycam, the name of the cam is there but that’s it.

If infrared LEDs are still on and you are still viewing the stream in TinyCam, then it sounds like the camera is not really going off. Have you tried to power cycle the camera?

Yes I have power cycled, and that seems to have taken care of this situation. I like the Wyze app, as well as Tinycam, they both have their place in my arsenal of tools, and am happy they and you are working together to make our (Wyze users) experience that much better. Appreciate your product and support (have 5 now) even with a glitch every now and then.

P.S. I don’t drive a Ferrari either so I don’t expect 220 mph from a $20 cam.