Turn camera on when gunshot is heard

turn camera on when gunshot is heard

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How is the cam going to hear the gunshot if it is off?

Did you search the Wishlist for an existing topic?

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You could leave at least one camera with Cam Protect turned on at all times, and then it can notify you when it hears a gunshot. I am not sure if the Gunshot detection is a rule trigger yet or not since I don’t have cam protect anymore, but you might be able to have one camera turn on other cameras in this way…if not, there are more complicated ways to do this if you use Android and have an app like Macrodroid or Tasker (have the phone watch notifications for “Gunshot” from a camera that is turned on with at least sound detections and then have it go turn on the other cameras when that cam detects a gunshot). But as Slabslayer said, it will be impossible for any of the current cameras to turn itself on from a detected gunshot if it is turned off and not able to detect anything.

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I’ve recently concluded that a gunshot is a sound. WYZE cam v3 has a setting for recording all sound(s). Even if WYZE won’t allow me to fill the dot for gunshot when submitting without paying for a higher $ product….my SD card can still back it up as what it is. The sound of a gunshot.

My problem is that my WYZE cams all turn themselves off. Sometimes they even change my preferred settings. Of four WYZE V3, three are within 42’ of my router and between 10 and 34’ of WiFi extender. My cell phone and tv work fine on the signal. Of the four the one camera that has been “more reliable” is the one furthest away. It now has a chronic purple hue and still cuts itself off. All have a constant power source and are attached inside of windows.

I love the WYZE concept but security cameras which are sleeping are a misnomer!

IMHO It would be a great improvement to teach them to stay awake and to add battery backup in case of power failure.

So close and yet so far away

Can you post a screen shot of all your rules with all their listed actions shown please? What does your rules history show occured when the cameras turn off or settings change? Account - Rules - History.

The above rule would not work because the camera needs to be on to detect sound in the first place.

There is a setting to “detect sound” and a associated sound sensitivity setting. This controls if an event is uploaded to the cloud when a sound that breaks your threshold is heard. The SD card events only is only for motion so if you wanted to record sounds via SD card you would need to set the SD card to continuous. There is no event marker on the continuous recording, so you’d have to use the sound cloud event as a time marker to reference your SD card continuous footage.

This might be because by the mechanical ir filter stuck in place when the night vision mode is off. Try power cycling the camera or recycling the night vision mode from auto on off.

This sounds more your router is deprioritizing the 2.4GHz band, dropping the cams when they aren’t actively streaming, and not reestablishing their DCHP IP lease. Might be time for a Mesh router upgrade that manages devices better. Extenders are also notoriously unfriendly to iOT. I have used them and they don’t help much.

Those are on the 5GHz band and will be prioritized within the routing protocols for internet bandwidth over the 2.4GHz.

Just like cars, routers are not all the same. They will not all do the same job the same way.

You may be able to improve your connectivity by turning off all QOS or Smart Connect protocols and leasing a static IP to the cams rather than DHCP.

I have found that this helps at least marginally. It definitely does not hurt. Me. :slight_smile:

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I’m just baffled at the premise for this request:

Obviously I don’t know the environment of the camera(s) in question, but I’m really struggling to understand why someone wouldn’t want the camera(s) to be on preceding a potential gunshot. Given the potentially serious consequences of such an event, I’d want to have actual knowledge of whatever led up to such an occurrence.

Is that how it works on the Cam v3 :cam_v3:? That hasn’t been my experience with the Cam Pan v3 :cam_pan_v3: or Cam OG :cam_og:, which tag both motion and sound events on the microSD recording timeline, but I also understand from reading other posts here that some of the newer camera models have a different UI.

The v3 has the old GUI, and the pan v3 and the OG have the new GUI which shows SD card and cloud events on the same timeline.

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Right on. I appreciate the clarification since I don’t have a Cam v3. I figured it might be something like that.

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