Sound Detection for Gunshots

I live in an area where we hear a lot of gunshots, My suspicion is it relates to some activity within view of my cameras (of a street beyond an open lot in the back of my house). It would be a great feature if gunshots could be detected and activate video recording.


Put this on the Wishlist and you’d get a lot of votes I think. Crowd sourced Shotspotter could save some lives.


Could be a good idea. :thinking:

So glad I don’t need this product, yet.


I wonder how well it would it tell the difference between different gunshots vs a movie/TV audio of a gunshot and fireworks, car exhaust backfire etc. I suspect that if Wyze tried to do this, everyone would submit “gunfire” from their TV, so Wyze would have to filter all those out manually. It would be hard to train without countless false positives, but it would be nice to figure out, especially if it is possible to train it to recognize real gunfire from gunfire on TV audio.

To be fair, the original poster was requesting it for local reporting back to him only, to trigger his own camera.

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A few months ago I heard what sounded like an automatic rifle being shot about 10 times. Really loud, rapid succession. Pop pop pop.
The sheriff came out and investigated. Seems some kid in the subdivision altered the exhaust on his car to make that noise.
Haven’t heard it since.


Like all detection’s, its not mandatory and I don’t think everyone will be using it. I still think it woulld be very helpful but I don’t live in a suburban area.

I think there are two forum gunshots threads. I will move this video over here too.


Seems it would be more useful in a urban area.

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That is a great example. A company that already tracks gunshot audio is tricked by car exhaust. Though, to be fair, most people would think that sounds like a gun.

I would potentially turn on a gunshot detection on my outdoor cameras, but definitely not on any cameras in a room with TV. :joy:


I suffer from PTSD, It is a very real mental disease. Something like these is extremely bad for my physical and mental health. When I hear Gun shots I become withdrawn due to Military Combat and Past Combat trauma and the loss of my Veteran friends, these memories get flooded in. the end results are that I become stuck in my house and I cant leave my residence even if it is safe to go out. I dont shower or sleep for days. I loose track of time, If I didnt have a robot that feeds me medication I would forget to take those as well. So I can imagine how this can affect elderly people or people with High blood pressure. We need to respect others! Why do you think we wore a mask during Covid? it wasn’t for us to protect ourselves! It was to protect others from us just incase we had Covid or received covid but so many people where selfish and thought that the mask was some kind of defense. Now we need to protect others from gun shot noises. I think its a good idea to add the extra security onto the Wyze cam. This is a feature that police have. I hope that the technology that exist for this doesn’t have a patent and those Aholes dont go after Wyze for trying to duplicate it or make there own.