Motion/Smart Detection - Guns

Hi, in light of the terrible news about the school in Nashville… Would it be possible to have the “smart detection” recognize guns? The AI is already smart enough to detect packages, pets, faces, etc. It seems doable. This would be helpful for residential accounts and Wyze could also help provide cameras to schools for faster intrusion detection.

I see these similar posts about the detection of gunshot audio but didn’t see any wishlist items for visually recognizing guns.

I’ve also submitted a wishlist item that is pending but wanted to post publicly as well.

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It is an interesting proposition. :thinking:

However, my first consideration would be the liability of the AI recognition when it didn’t work to positively identify, returns false positives, or notified late. All current realities with the current AI Wyze provides.

The application use case suggested would mandate a zero defect tolerance. Nothing less than that would be accepted by the public for use in an environment as sensitive as public education institutions.

The potential for liability is just too great of a risk in my opinion.

Understand. I figured it may be a liability issue but was just curious.


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I could see a lot of false detections with fake guns (toys, Halloween costume guns, or on a TV.
If I were them and considering doing this, I would probably have the detection be something like “Potential firearm detection” to remind people it could be a false detection or isn’t guaranteed to detect every situation accurately or even may miss stuff. IDK.