Can Wyze detect Gun Shot Sound?

Is this the same thing that you can do with Smoke or CO Alarms?


Since this seems more of a question than a feature request, I’ve moved it to #ask-the-community.

Detecting gunshots would not be the same as smoke/CO. The reason is that the smoke/CO alarm sound profiles are very standardized as to frequency and on/off pattern. That makes it possible to do the pattern recognition in the firmware.

I strongly suspect that recognizing something as variable as a gunshot would not be within the on-board processing capabilities of the cameras. Thus it would require server side processing similar to how AI based person detection is done on many cameras. Probably not something many people would want to pay extra for.

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What would you do when watching TV/Movies?

semi-related question: just as the EAS alert sound is prohibited from commercial use, are CO/Smoke detector noises regulated and proscribed? (I’m guessing this is how the Wyze know which is which).

Good question.