Trying to focus camera on specific area in picture cam 3

I live in an apartment on the main floor. Someone is dropping food onto my patio which is attracting rats and other not nice animals. Im sure they are trying to feed the squirrels and birds abut the result is rats, raccoons, possums and mice. I have a goo idea where the food is coming from and I’ve set up a camera focusing on the patio balconies in my tower. How do I set up the camera to detect motion on floors 4-6 ( where ) I think the food is coming from. Thanks

Welcome to the forums! Can you post a screenshot of the camera view? You could use the detection zone feature to only detect “motion” from the areas you don’t exclude. The camera has a fairly wide angle field of view so the farther away you get the smaller the area or subject will appear. The v3 has a pixel change detection system where it takes any pixel change, color, lightness or darkness as “motion”. Lights turning on, shadows moving, actual objects moving will be though as motion so you may get some false positives at far distances. But if you post a screen capture of the view, we can get some suggestions to get you started. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly
Can you please walk me through how to set up the camera so I can detect motion form a smaller area?
Happy to post a picture of my screen. Again, Im very new at this so if you tell me how to post the screen picture and get it to you I’ll be happy to do that. Thanks again

From the camera live view, click on the gear in the upper right corner, then click in detection settings. Once your there, click on “detection zone” in the middle of the page. Then click throughout the grid and shade out what you want excluded from detection.

You can screenshot your live view screen, or click the camera icon just below the live view screen to take a snapshot. It will then save to your devices/phones photo gallery. Once you get that photo taken you can upload it to a post by clicking the upload button Screenshot_20220306-175640 that should be somewhere either above or below the text box to add it to your post.

Awesome. Thank you so much. I going to do that tomorrow and post a screenshot as well (its dark now.
Thank you again!!!

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I doubt this will work. Things fall very quickly and briefly and you’d have to be pointing the camera up. It seems unlikely motion detection will catch it?

However, if you are content to record continuously to an SD card (and go back in time only after you see the food land) then that could work…

Thanks so much for the help and instructions.
When I try to set up the detection zone the circle just keeps on circling.
I can get a live picture and will send you a screen shot. But I cant set up the zone.
Perhaps the camera is too far from the router??
Screen shot to follow
Thanks again for your help. I would be lost without your advice.


Distance has nothing to do with selecting the detection zone (unless you are using a Wyze Cam Outdoor and not the V3). It’s just picking a portion of the frame. If it’s not working I’d try restarting the phone.

I deleted the App and reinstalled it. seems to be working now. Thanks

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