Detection settings. V3 and outdoor

So I have cam plus on these but I’m starting to doubt its usefulness at least for the way I use these cameras. they are looking at a wide-open area. the app under detection settings has an area where you select where detection comes from but it’s not apparent if you are to darken the area you want detection in or darken the section you don’t, you would think it would be easier to tell but there are so many false positives that detect way outside the area selected. or not selected I thought I would post here and see what everyone else’s experiences are?

If it has a “filter” look then its set to be ignored. If it has a clean look like its set to be used.

Any wind on objects, movement, light, in the clean area or even say a weed blows from the filtered area slightly into even a small block in the unfiltered area can cause it to trigger movement.

The filtering there works.

Thanks, I’ll get some screenshots to show how it’s it’s being triggered.