Truth, with no Consequences Yet ? - Wyze OG false CO detection

Twice my newly installed (8hrs), Wyze OG has recorded 2 false CO Alerts.

I watched the clip, turned the volume way up and did not hear anything.

5 feet away, is a newly installed (2 months), 1st alert Smoke and CO detector.

25-30 feet away, is my Cam Blk V2. Which has never recorded a CO or smoke alarm event.

It’s loud enough for me to hear upstairs, from the basement (if I am awake).

If I place HMS, back online with alerts activated,
I don’t want to trip it,

I know in my minds eye, “OG” is an outdoor camera.

Just wanted to know, if anyone else has seen this happen ?

Haven’t heard, only false-positive alerting of any camera of the CO or smoke alarm is some beeping noises from say a TV show that may have been close to universal alarm sounds that triggered it. Do you have SD card recording enabled? Have you reviewed what happens previous to the cloud event occurring?

CO is carbon monoxide (odorless, colorless gas resulting from incomplete combustion, poisonous), CO2 is carbon dioxide (what humans exhale). :slight_smile:


Yikes edits are in order.

My Chemistry teacher, Mr. DeGrande was right

Reviewed both OG clips (2 alerts).
No sounds detected, in the background on either clip.

I also tested the Smoke /CO detector alarm.

My OG cam, detected the sounds and labeled it as, “CO” chirp(s).

My V2 Blk cam, had no alerts on either sound.

I do have an SD card installed.

I did not think, a cam without a subscription, (all mine renew in Apr.), could access the cloud.

I did review, the SD recording, b4, my own testing, of both cams.

No background sounds, can be heard.

I now have a Wyze recording of the noise.

It’s a high pitched, but static noise. Nothing like the sharp ear piercing tones of a smoke n co detector.

I will bring up my smoke / Co detector n let it sit upstairs for a day. Maybe I can see, if it’s the detector or something else down there.

Who’s making those static filled sounds?

able to post a sound clip or video of the sound? is it from the room the camera is in or is it some glitch or a static like sound from the camera?

I tried a few days ago, to post a sound clip .

But in Wyze app mode, on my pH. The app would not open up, for an upload.

I took the smoke detector upstairs n still got CO alerts.

Then I remembered, the whistling Gold Series tankless, home/ water heater . It has a high pitched exhaust removal motor, that whistles.

The OG cam, breaks up sound with a mild staic in the cams background recording .

I’ve been, turning sound detection down. Yet still getting CO alerts at vol level 21.

Will lower sound detection levels further, this wknd.

I think the sound sensitivity setting may be seperate and not have any influence on the CO and smoke alarm sound detection, I know the “detect sound” toggle under event recording menu has no influence and is seperate from the co and smoke alarm sound detection. Scroll to the bottom here.:

Thx, &
Wow, that is no bueno !

I need all the warnings, I can get.
It’s a natural gas heater sys. And CO is a real danger.

The alarm from the basement, would need dead silence or for me to be awake.

The CO alert to HMS, would be nice, if the OG cam could determine, that high pitch, consistent whine from a smoke detector’s, series of beeps (CO warning).

Especially sad, is my Cam Blk V2. Does not detect, either the beeps or whine as an audible alarm ?