Trouble with IR & pan

I’m hoping someone to help me with this. I have six cams in use (4 house / 2 workshop).

The 4 I have inside the house work flawlessly. The two I have in my workshop have issues when they’re changing orientation at night. If they are pointing the camera in a downward angle that IR shows up just fine. When they adjust to a new camera angle though it is almost completely black. I’m wondering if I need to add an IR illuminator light to help it? the camera angle is not adjusting very much and something should show up you would think.

What does that area look like when the lights are on? Looks like they are looking across your shop, and I would check the distances because the IR lights of the cams don’t go all that far. The website states “Illuminates up to 29.6 feet (9m)”. I would also give it a moment after it pans to a new angle (even if it’s not much different like you said) for the auto white balance to adjust.

Edit: In addition, in the under exposed “shop bench” view, it looks like the auto white balance is focused on the objects in the lower right if the frame. That object is the “white hottest” and the camera is exposed to that correctly, which unfortunately under exposed the rest because that area uniformly alot darker.

In the “shop front” view, the same may be going on with the white objects (look like maybe a lcd screen or something that is reflective and bouncing the IR back to the camera) or the light right at the top left center of the frame. Could also be the fact that everything is beyond the IR range. Hope that all helps trouble shoot.

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