Lights for cam pan

Can you add lights to the cam pan? This what my garage looks like with IR on.

Do you have both Night Vision and IR lights on? If you get close to the front of the camera in a darkened room can you see 6 dim red dots surrounding the lens? (I think that’s the same on both the V1 & V2).

Note: Capture here is from a Pan Cam V2, as I don’t have a V1. Should work the same, however:

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Yes, both are enabled. I’ll check the lights as well, but other angles are lighted.

Have you considered a smart bulb or plug to throw some light on the garage when there is movement detected maybe?

Will likely do a motion sensor of some sort or smart bulb. Thanks

Make sure you check the camera’s dim red IR lights, as you could have a malfunction too.

Is that image cropped at all? I’d aim the pan down a little bit. Looks like whatever the hot spot is at the very top of the frame is being exposed correctly, therefore causing the rest of the frame to be underexposed by a lot. See my image:

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No red lights on the Cam Pan. If I pan down, it gets darker.

If you have those two settings switched on and can’t even see a faint glow from the front panel lights in a dark room, then I’d replace the camera. Is it still under warranty?

I believe so and will be calling on it.

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