Trouble connecting Wyze cams and bulbs to new router

I have a Panoramic router and I can’t get the Wyze products to connect. I go through the process and it fails at the end. Says to check the password (correct) and internet connection. I have a couple of other similar product from other manufacturers and they work fine. I’m wondering if it’s the router security? Would appreciate some help. Thanks.

Is your router setup to combine the 5GHZ and 2.4GHZ networks? Check your router settings! I had a family member who was using a cable company issued router. They had to change the settings to make the networks separate.

See Wyze cam pan wifi connection

Ms. Google is your friend (but you have to ask her).


Also try temporarily disabling your phone’s mobile data.

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Thanks, but I have them separate.

She can be…haha

Thanks. Did that as well. It’s a puzzle…

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