Wyze Bulb Setup - Disable Mobile Data May Help

I just received my Wyze bulbs and noticed I was having a few issues that I’ve since resolved:

  1. Difficulty registering the bulbs with the Android App. I have a Pixel 3 XL in case anyone else is using the same device. FIX: My phone was trying to connect to an Internet accessible access point, so it didn’t like connecting to the bulb. The phone would use the mobile data connection and activation wouldn’t work. During registration process first turn off your mobile data. This made registering bulbs a snap.

  2. To pull your bulbs into Google Home for use with Google Assistant, I needed to first unlink Wyze from Google Home and Link again. All the new bulbs displayed after that.


Disabling mobile data didn’t fix it for me

It didn’t help me either. I got the bulbs today and spent about an hour trying to get one to pair but haven’t had any luck so far.

Thanks!!! I also have a 3XL and was having issues. Once I turned off mobile data, BOOM! Fixed. Paired all 4 bulbs within 10 minutes.

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The mobile trick worked for me too on a Pixel 3 using Google WiFi.

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I made a review on the Wyze Bulb which includes brief set up instructions. I used a OnePlus 7 Pro. Seems like you all solved this issue already but I’ll leave mine for reference, I also had to unlink and link Wyze home for Google Assistant too!

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This needs to be PLASTERED across the forums, if not the main site. It saved me hours of retries (after the first wasted 45 minutes of trying multiple bulbs). Wyze - you MUST rewrite your instructions to mandate turning off mobile data!

I have never had this trouble with any of dozens of home appliances (Alexas, Chromecasts, Firesticks, home automation and switches from multiple vendors, etc.) all of which do exactly the same temporary wireless AP as these Wyze bulbs do. Only the Wyze bulbs and app (latest one for 5/2020 installed) completely fail to install due to this issue.

Thankfully I was able to find the recommendation in a different forum thread here. (But this is the first relevant hit at the moment for “mobile data”.)

Once installed, the bulbs are pretty great - I of course completely switched to the Alexa app for controlling them; only issue there is the default names for the fixed color levels aren’t great to pronounce; it would be nice if they could be customized.

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