Trouble connecting to bridge

Hello Wyzers pickup my First kit after hearing about it on HDTV podcast . had trouble connecting with motion sensor and contact sensors…so I picked up another kit and wallah now I’m connecting with no problems… seams the bridge in the first kit does not like to connect to anything… So after getting 1 contact to connect the batteries in the others are dead … I purchased some on ebay and the batteries have the correct voltage and part number but still will not power on the contacts… I’m wondering witch brand of batteries does the contact like ? … cant find the Henli cr1632 3v …

Hello @HOSS and welcome to the community.

I am sorry to hear you had some issues trying to get these up and running. I have linked below the page concerning batteries in the sensors, but the contact sensor does take the CR1632 battery. A quick search on Amazon should find many results for them .