Battery replacement for contact sensor

What battery type needs my contact sensor for replacement? CR12032, CR2025, CR1616,CR1632? Please advice. I left a message couple days ago on the Wyze Facebook group and no one answered yet. Thanks

Here’s a link to the info. It looks like CR1632 for the V1 contact sensor and CR2450 for the V1 Motion sensor.

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Thank you very much!

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Keep in mind that with he V1 sensors, if the battery has died before replacing it then it is very likely that the sensor is bricked and needs to be replaced.


That happened to both of my sensors. I’ve contacted support but they just asked to wait for developer updates and closed the ticket. No resolution.

Oh wow really? Is that why I cannot get mine working then!
Replaced the battery but the device still shows as offline :smirk:

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