Tried to connect wyze door bell to 220v

My doorbell doesnt turn on after connected to 220v.
Is it damaged?

Absolutely fried :exclamation:
It is designed for 24 vac so 240 vac would have killed it


Cant do anything to get back?. I didn’t smell anything bad after connected to 220v. Look like as it is.

Probably, but you could try to connect it properly and see if it still works.

The Wyze Video Doorbell is designed to be hardwired to your existing doorbell-chime circuit or a standalone transformer that outputs 16V-24V AC ≥10VA.

The Wyze Video Doorbell Chime is designed to be plugged into 100V-240V, 0.1A, 50/60Hz.

Installation help is located here:

Wyze Video Doorbell Support

No luck. Even I tried to connect through USB by removed the back sticker of the door bell , but no luck.

Man, that’s powerful! I imagine you didn’t smell anything because it was so quick. It’s a wonder the batteries didn’t explode! Just buy another one, and limit your adventures to the design of 24 VAC Max.