Tricking the time stamp of a Cam Plus membership

Please tell me there is a way in code to trick when the membership is activated. I am trying to retrieve some very vital important information, but because I only signed up for the Cam Plus membership at 8p, I can’t retrieve any of the videos made at 7p, despite I can clearly see they are still saved there. And no, i wasn’t smart enough to put the SD card in beforehand.

Am I just screwed? or is there some cool ass code trick?

Welcome to the User Community Forum @staypuft242!

Regardless of subscription changes on your cam or your account, Events for that cam are saved in your account on the cloud for 14 days. They are not lost, deleted, or restricted after you change subscriptions on a cam that remains active on your account. The fact that you can still see those Events listed indicates the events are still there.

The question is what subscription the cam was on prior to being placed on CamPlus.

If the cam was on a CamPlus 14 day Free Trial, those Events should show as Full Length back to back video with no cooldown period. These events can be easily identified by the length of the video being displayed on the Event Thumbnail Card in the Events list.

If the cam was on CamPlus Lite, those previous events will have been saved to the cloud and will show in the events list as a 12s video. These will show in the Events List without any time length on the Event Thumbnail Card. They are subject to a 5m cooldown between events.

If the cam did not have any subscription, those previous events will have been saved as a Thumbnail Snapshot Image only, NOT a video. These images are identified on the Event Thumbnail Card within the Events List with a small logo icon of a mountain with a sun in the corner of the thumbnail. These also have a 5m cooldown. In this case, there is no video in the cloud to retrieve, only a thumbnail image. The only video to be viewed would be on the SD Card had it been inserted and recording at the time, which you already confirmed wasn’t installed at the time.

If your Events aren’t showing like they are supposed to, please post back with a detailed description of what happens when you click on one of those events.