See 14 Day CAM 3 Trial Video- Is there a web address to view?

Where does one find the video stored in the “cloud” to view? I have a 32GB card installed in the camera. I see users can filter by people, but I can’t find any filter in the Android App, so I am assuming it must be a web setting.

Click “Events” in the bottom of the app. There are filters. There is no web access.

Thank you. Is “Events” part of CAM Plus? I have the 32GB card installed. I understand I will lose the filter when the trial expires but will I lose the ability to see “Events” when my trial expires? I find the slider to be useless, so if I am stuck with using that if I don’t subscribe to CAM Plus, then the interface would be useless to me.

Sd card (local storage) and camplus (cloud storage) are two seperate things, ran Independant of eachother. You have can have one, both, or neither running anytime.

Any “cloud” event video is found in the events tab off the main page of the app. With camplus you get clips that are the duration of the event with the ability to have ai tag them with different tags. Without camplus you still get the free cloud storage, which is 12 second clips with a 5 minute cooldown in-between. Both the camplus clips and the free 12 sec events are viewed in the events tab. Both are retained for 14 days.

You mention that you have a sd card. What are your local storage settings? To view the local storage coverage you need to live view the camera then hit the “view playback” at the bottom of the screen. This coverage is retained at different levels, depending on your sd card size, quality setting and local store age settings.

No. You get cloud “Events” recorded for free. But without CamPlus those events are limited to 12 seconds each with a blocking “cooldown” period between events.