Is Cam Plus cloud based?

I was wondering if Cam Plus was cloud based storage? For example if someone takes my Wyze cam, can I view and download footage right up to the point it was stolen? Thanks.

Welcome to the forums! Yes, camplus events are storaged for 14 days in the cloud once they are uploaded regardless of the state of the camera and accessable via the event tab of the app.

Example, camera catches perp and successfully uploads clips before getting taken. You will have access to those clips and they will be in the event tab for 14 days (unless you delete them before then). If the camera is mid upload of a cloud clip when it is taken in powered that probably will not be successful and not be viewed in the app.

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What I’ve heard is that since it uploads in 1 minute chunks you’ll get the last full minute? Not sure that’s true.

Also worth noting is that even the free service is “cloud” based.