Travel Mode, Base Unit Wifi only 1 Bar

I am looking for HELP! I have a Base Unit set up with 2 outdoor cameras, and while it is hardwired all is well, But once I go into travel more disconnected from the hardware, the WiFI bars go down to 1. and the camera is less than a foot away from the base unit since I am testing. and it recognizes the cameras but will not complete the connection. Any suggestions on how to get that wifi stronger.

I could be wrong, but travel mode means it doesn’t connect to your base station and the cam can be viewed by directly connecting to your phone. Your phone has tbe in range of the camera to view live video and/or retrieve stored videos with your phone.


I have no experience trying this but there is a travel mode through the base station. We need the OP to state if they are using the base station for travel mode or just the cameras by themselves. And what and which connection is showing the one bar.

Welcome to the forums @j5russo ! Can you answer the above questions?

Here’s the travel mode page for reference.

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Some additional Information, The connection to the base station shows 1 Bar in travel mode and just hangs trying to communicate to the cameras. Same is true if I try to connect to the Cameras directly when linked to the Base Station. If I disconnect the camera from the base station an put the Camera in travel mode, and connect directly to the camera m not thru the base station everything works perfectly… So what is the purpose of the base station ? or is it a malfunctioning base station.