Trash the camera?

i have a pan cam the just won’t scan the QR code… been trying for days. The seller gave me my money back and now i REALLY want to make it work. i’ve tried every single thing suggested on this site but it all fails me. is there any reason i shouldn’t throw it in the trash since i have nothing to lose?

Have you submitted an official support ticket?

The title of your post sux! It should be a name that others can understand w/o needing to dive into the details. A title such as, “can’t scan QR code” should get more #colloolorroobation.

Have you tried scanning with a different phone, or, even a different person holding the objects? Maybe, it is your phone that sux.

Once you throw it in the trash, you have no possibly way to get it working.

yes, they just told me to look at a video that we’ve all seen on how to scan the code.

Have you tried with a different device?

thanks, socrates.

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I have had this issue. I could not figure it out. It turns out, i have to mega zoom the barcode, as my phone is currently set with a custom DPI/resolution. I had to find this answer in Amazon.


I had same issue. Took patience moving Iphone QR code closer and further away for a number of minutes and to my surprise it finally clicked and captured the code!

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When you say you’ve tried everything, what does that include?

moving the phone back and forth slowly, tilting, adjusting phone brightness, turning the code upside down, trying a different device (different phone), different rooms with different lighting, power cycling, hard reset (i forgot what you guys call that). three other cams scanned the code instantly so i’m pretty confident that i can do this.

“10-foe” driver. I presume you have searched this forum. If so, I would prolly capitulate… and move on down the ro’ #cmon!

You could try flashing the firmware:

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now THAT is something new i have not come across! i’ll give it a go when i have some time and report back.


it didn’t work. do you have any other suggestions?

Take a screenshot of the QR code, transfer it to your computer and try that.

i’ve been thinking about how to get an image like that from an iphone to a pc, but haven’t figured out a way yet. you really shouldn’t have to go through all this trouble though.

i did hold the phone up to the cam on a tablet once and tried to scan the qr off the tab screen but that didn’t work.

Screenshot the QR code then send it in an email. Oh and btw before you trash the camera I would be more than willing to take it off your hands if you dont want it or dont send it in for support.