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hello… this all started with our family rescuing a dog with compulsive issues. a doggie psychologist said, i want to see what the dog is doing (literally) and said shrink is at cornell university (100 miles away). the question is how do i have the doggie doc see our files??? the only answer is can think of is to 1) share the account with the doggie doc or 2) actually snail mail her the chip. [i’ve tried just sending the file to doc - first she can’t read it, and second - it’s ginormous (32G card)]. what am i missing? thanx in advance to any who reply… ps the best reply wins a case of beer or a fifth of good libation ; ) next time they are in buffalo, ny that is.

My first thought is to find a veterinary behaviorist closer to home. There have got to be some good ones in the BUF area.

That said, unless the doc only wants to watch in real time, sharing the camera is not going to help since shared users don’t have access to the camera’s mSD card. If she can’t read the file, then snail mailing the SD card isn’t going to help.

I think what I’d do is remove the card from the camera and transfer the video folders for the hours/minutes you want her to watch to your computer. You will find that the video is broken down into one minute files stored in folders by hour and date. Save those folders to a folder on Dropbox or other cloud service and share the link with her. Then have her download the free VLC Media Player app (available for both Mac and PC). That app will read the files and let them be played in sequence.


Thanx so much, alas while in Buffalo, I owe you libations, it worked. (I didn’t realize the files were labeled in minutes, although the time was off by 4 hrs or so, until I physically looked myself - instead of listening to my wife ; ) … and actually this doggie shrink is a professor emeritas, thus known as the best in her field (or so my wife states). Thanks again.

Dino M. D’Angelo

ps (… feel free to look my up, I do keep my word - my favorite local crafts are Asylum Porter and Black Button Citrus Gin) tc

No worries. I think you’re off the hook since I haven’t been to Buffalo for a zillion years.