Dog Collar Camera and Audio

How about a small camera and audio to fasten to a dog collar?

We drop our dogs off at the parking lot or waiting room. We aren’t allowed in the room with our pets to monitor or supervise.
Often they are returned to us completely freaked out and we get no answers from the handling technician.
Very stressful on pet snd human.

Being able to see snd hear whats happening would help relieve stress and perhaps sideline an error or abuse.

Thank you for considering

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As a dog lover who has a Golden Retriever, my feeling is as you are waiting for a dog collar camera, find another place to take you dog that you can trust.


You know we are.


While I voted and it’s an interesting idea, it’s also questionable. Dogs wouldn’t qualify as one party consent, so this is probably not legal in most places.

More practically, the staff would probably catch on pretty fast.

Good luck getting your pets away from these people.

Is this a ‘spy on your vet’ use case?

Groomer. Dog walker. Day care. Escape artist. Any human that comes in contact with our pet, the resultant stories or explanations are rather one sided.

Okay makes sense when you said escape artist. But they would be recorded and would play-back later once near phone or wifi or something, yes? You aren’t expecting a live-stream portable device are you?

Once phone and device are signed to wireless, why not live.

I’m saying that if the dog left your home wifi and went to say the dog park or to the vet, it would not be on your wifi or be on your phone’s wifi, so it would not have live connection, so you could not view a livestream of it.

No sure how or why we got here. The original l thought was for a device that can attach to my dog collar that can be accessed by my phone and see and hear for me while they are in a different room at the vets office. I don’t know if veterinarians are more susceptible to covid than others of us. But this is the new norm. It’s stressful and confusing. Happy to disclose to all the camera is present. There is almost always guest wifi present. Or glad to use hotspot.

So you envision a device attached to your dog that when you arrive to the vet, you join the vet’s guest wifi, then configure the wifi for the dog’s camera, then you send the dog in back with the vet so you can live stream what the vet is saying (and possibly even see them too) as they handle your dog.

Do I understand the use case correctly?


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That sounds right


Are you aware of any other company/product that does this?

Go Pro comes to mind. I wear it for search and rescue. There are a few “collar” devices on Amazon, none of the reviews are complementary.

Okay, if you’re not doing this secretly then couldn’t you just ask the provider to put in a basic camera system themselves? I’m sure it would soothe all their customers for the same reason. Or even ask them to hold/prop up a camera/phone in there.

I don’t get such a policy really - if it’s for CoViD purposes then why not just let you in there with a mask on…

A go pro will live stream? What model? I have the hero pro 10 or something like that and it does not have this capability.

Do you have access to interwebs?

Thanks – had no idea. I have the pro 6, not pro 8 or newer.

So in just 14 easy steps, you can live stream from device, but it looks like only to facebook, twitch, and youtube. Hmmm.

The video says the phone must have Bluetooth and wifi enabled and on, then must be paired between camera and Bluetooth. The pairing sends the settings from the phone to the gopro.

The wifi settings that the gopro has then must work before going live on the gopro.

You have to tell it to record the video as well if you want to access the video from your phone later; they say it is a massive video size that will take up your phone storage.

Also says you cannot stream live video to the public on youtube without 1,000 subscribers.

Did find this online, though: “there is no automatic reconnection function when a mobile network signal is lost”. So if your dog goes into an area where the wifi drops, so will your live stream, as the gopro doesn’t know how to resume.

Feel like we’re kind of off topic here.

Way off topic -
Are you with Wyze?
It seems you are trying to argue me into rescinding my “wish for”. It’s only a wish. If I could find one online, I probably would have that one. If I could engineer one, I would probably own the patent. If I could “macgyver” one, I probably would have by now.