Pet Cam

A small wireless camera that can fit on a pet callar that let us see how our pets see the world. This would work much like the Wyze Sense, but smaller and record when there is motion. For indoor use only.

I agree except that part. Why limit it to indoor use?

I voted, but there is a fatal flaw in the idea of putting a small camera on a pet’s collar, a flaw that would prevent almost all video recording. That flaw is called… a head.


Yep, we need to take that up with The Great Cat Architect, maybe s/he can provide us with an aftermarket redesign of some sort. Maybe a gene mutation that causes transparency.

Admittedly it is unlikely, but maybe a new lineup of camera-ready cats and dogs will be released, if consumer demand is sufficient.

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I limited to indoor use only because it be more likely to go to market. Once you start thinking of outdoor use, you would need a water proof camera, you may have issues with WiFi if the pet is too far away from the signal, etc. I agree, I would like this to work for both indoor and outdoor, but to speed up the time, I said indoor use only. :slight_smile: Another thought would be use a flash card to record and once the pet is back into range, it copies to the cloud.

I agree, that maybe an issue, but if the caller allowed for the camera to hang down, wouldn’t it be possible? See image as an example. pet camera

Years ago I recall a story about an owner putting a pet camera on thier cat. The first day the owner was super excited to review the footage when they got home from work to see what kind of shenanigans the cat was up to when they were gone. It was like all sleeping lol…

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Better. Depends on the animal but I still don’t think it would capture all that much. The cowboys have a much better angle. :wink: