Tracking stolen devices

The ability to track stolen devices is something I feel should be implemented. We pay for your devices and trust your company, I don’t think its asking to much to show your appreciation by finding a way to track or at the least not allow the devices to be used by someone who has stolen and or sold after stealing the devices you create. A lot of other security company’s already have this ability. And after having 3 of the four cameras I have bought from Wyze be stolen I’m actually considering going through a different company because you (because anything like this already brought up is in your probably not list) show no interest in protecting the devices your customers buy with their hard earned money, leaving us to just buy another one which puts more money in your pockets. Please do something so we feel valued and not just like another dollar for you and so that devices you create stop being stolen and used by thieves.

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aaahhh. No, don’t need that. It will come with an increase in price. There’s always Fund Me.

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Please, please steal all my Wyze Cams :rofl:
They will be replaced with Reolink Cams, they are far more superior than any Wyze cam…

As I understand it, the battery cameras can’t be reassigned to a different account if stolen (I don’t have any), but the wired cameras do not.

Yeah, Wyze tried an anti theft feature with the WCOs, but they ended up locking out a lot of their owners instead of thieves, costing owners money. This made people really upset.

I notice that Wyze has since not expanded this to most of the other products.

I think other solutions are risky from a legal liability standpoint. Each state has different laws.

Not a REAL example

For example, say you buy a camera off eBay or some other marketplace. You set it up and next thing you know, some random crazy cones to your house and shoots you for “stealing his camera” and wants to know where you put the rest of his stuff you stole (maybe even drugs, which is why he’s not calling police to handle it)… You didn’t steal his camera, but Wyze told him where his camera is and he assumed it was you and decided to take matters into his own hands. You’re innocent, but Wyze told them where their camera is and pointed at you. Wyze could now be partially liable for happens to you because they pointed the crazy at you.

For reasons like that, I highly doubt it’s worth the potential legal liability. Also, as said above, it would likely come with increased costs, maybe putting gps chips in the devices, or mobile data chips or whatever and forcing that added cost on all customers, including the ones who don’t want it.

A better solution is to simply search Amazon (or AliExpress or wherever else) for a cheap camera cover mount for your particular camera. There are cover mounts that will enclose the entire camera and screw into something securely so it’s difficult to remove. Look up ideas for making your camera tamper resistant. That’s what you really want. Run the wiring through a hole in the wall, get the right kind of cover and mount. Mount it up high so it requires a ladder. Have 2 cameras at opposite ends pointing toward each other so someone can’t touch one without the other seeing it. You can also use something like Tiny Cam Pro to record locally to a service and harddrive inside your house. Or Scrypted or Docker Wyze Bridge.

There are a ton of solutions that are free to low cost and don’t punish every other user with higher costs from Wyze.