Top ten annoyances with WYZE

How about things with hubs have to be re-paired/reset after a power outage?
a. i had the new home security (wyze sense v2) and when the power went out, i had to re-add the hub.
b. i also have the outdoor cam, every time the power flashes or goes out, i have to re-pair it to the base.

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My top annoyance is there is no functionality to limit notification frequency. If I’m home, I can get multiple notifications from my Wyze camera per minute. I can turn off notifications, but then I have to remember to turn them back on when I need them; if I forget, I could miss an important notification.

I would like functionality to limit notifications to one per a user-specified amount of time. For example, if I get a motion notification, I don’t want another one for 15 minutes. That way, I get at most 4 notifications per hour. But all events should still be recorded and available for viewing; I just don’t need multiple notifications per minutes to tell me that I’m walking around my house!

There is a wish list item for this, but it wasn’t written as clearly as it could have been and used the term “cooldown”, and I think many people (including a mod who commented on the item) thought the request was for a longer cooldown period. The item is from 2019.

I can’t believe Wyze hasn’t addressed this issue.


I have a question for you. Why do you delete your events? Are they supposed to be deleted for some reason? I’m just wondering…


Repeated false alarms, constantly
I have a camera v2 in my basement, and one in the garage also v2, every time the light changes, motion detected downstairs, motion detected in garage.
I still have person detection since i bought early. And those are repeatedly false alarms as well. Person detected in the garage. There is nobody in there still detecting people and motion.
I send off 15-20 clips a day to say that nothing was on the clip

Unimaginative and inefficient app that is best characterized as anti-Wyze design and execution.

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  1. The fact that The Wyze skill, on echo show, only works with Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan. No where did I see that when buying into the WCO. $100’s of dollars spent for cameras I can’t use the way I was intending.
  2. Having to set scheduled recordings to view anything but short events.
  3. Lack of clarity from Wyze on what you’re going to actually be able to do with devices they promote for pre-order.

No decent faces for either Wyze Band or Wyze Watch.

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Can’t get Wyze Bulbs to sync with my Moto G8+.

Short lifespan of Wyze Contact Sensors – over half of mine (7 out of 12) no longer work after 6 mo to 1 yr in service.

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My annoyance is that the WYZE Door Lock auto-unlock feature is very intermittent. Please improve the software or the firmware or do whatever it takes to remedy this problem. Auto-lock works every time,

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Temporarily turn off mobile data on the phone.

Competition! Alexa/Ring/Amazon trying to make it difficult for Wyze to compete.

Perhaps, but Alexa’s restrictions on this lasted long before Wyze made their doorbell, and I don’t think there were really any mainstream portrait view cams/doorbells out there, so I don’t think it was that. Plus Amazon actually does a lot to try to be compatible with other devices so more people will want to buy their expensive Echo shows and such instead of Googles, Facebooks, Apples, etc…They do get something out of allowing compatibility to as much as possible and winning other competitive wars…I think it’s just that no major successful product with a portrait view has given them a huge incentive to make the effort to fix the code to allow it for non-phones yet. Technically the 2 way phone drop in is done a little differently than the 1 way cam streaming…so I think it’s just not coded to support the streaming, only the 2 way calls right now. My main point is that the device is definitely capable and they should be able to allow it because they already do for 2-way…just add that to the 1-way streams too, then everyone is happy.

Honestly, when I stream my doorbell in my office Echo Show, I just turn it vertically to stand up and it looks great. Then when I am done, I turn it back to horizontal to work as it normally does. :rofl:

That doesn’t works so well for my Echo Show gen 3, or any TV’s connected to a Fire stick, for example.

Perhaps Amazon can make an Echo Show that physically rotates the screen from Landscape to Portrait as needed… not…

I do like how my Amazon Echo Show gen 3 can sit on the kitchen bar, and it rotates on it’s base to ‘service’ whoever is talking to it in the Living Room or in the Kitchen.

My wife 'yell’s at it to “Quit Following me!”…


  1. App is disjointed
  2. Wyze watch activity does not syncs with scale data
  3. Wyze watch faces are poorly designed (need to be able to design my own)
  4. Wyze remote car. Why is this not available?
  5. Wyze vacuum. The Ad shows that it has strong suction but does not show it pick up a single piece of dirt …hmmm
  6. Have to have the app open for the scale to sync data.
  7. Same as 6, but my watch is connected to my phone so why can’t the scale work with the Wyze watch
  8. Can’t view Cam outdoor motion from the Wyze watch
  9. Wyze watch can’t control My phones camera
  10. I appreciate what Wyze is trying to do. Thank you!

Wyze App needs to be rewritten from the ground up.

WITH feedback from those actually using the app.

And those actually using the app on iPads,

and Android Tablets in LANDSCAPE mode…


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Agreed about needing more controls for notifications, I would love to to be able to set a schedule for getting notifications. For example I’d like to get notifications only for the hours when I’m actually away from the house, or only between 10pm-7am for the cam at my senior parents’ home.

It’s a company that is Work in Progress…I was hoping but not going to Wait for fixes (it’s 2021 not 1990). I have moved back to Ring.

I’ve got a pan cam, 2 v2’s, 2 V3’s, door sensors, 4 plugs & a doorbell. Smooth as silk. Would do it again.

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First I’d like to start with what I like.

  1. Well engineered products at a good price.
  2. Updates to products to improve performance.
  3. Thoughtful design features.

Now for the problem areas.

  1. Failure to apply detection zones when AI in CamPlus reports what is in the scene. Things outside the detection zones (vehicles) are reported and sent as alerts (false).
  2. Poor accuracy of the sleep analysis done by the Wyze watch (47).
  3. The need for damp feet for the Wyze scale to make a reading. (It looks like the V2 may have fixed this issue with the addition of metal to the scale surface), but for the people who own the original scale it is an issue.
  4. The lack of a floodlight cam (an obvious home security need).