Toggle the knob direction on Wyze thermostat

It would be nice to have a toggle setting (like switching the heat and cool for the HVAC) where you can toggle the direction of the knob. For whatever reason the direction you need to spin the knob is the opposite direction of how I actually want to turn it. It’s been 3 or 4 weeks since installing the thermostat I haven’t gotten use to using the knob on the wall mounted device.

It’s because the mapping follows a volume control or tuning dial, but the display pattern is a combination lock dial which would need to turn to the left to increase the value. They need to pick one option and be consistent. :slight_smile:

The result is you see the signifiers for a combination lock dial (the hash marks turn in sync with the direction the dial is turned indicating they are “attached”) and select combination lock dial as your mental model for the results you expect (turn left to increase, turn right to decrease). The issue is the dial expects you to use the mental model for controlling the volume on a device (turn right to turn up) and so you turn it the wrong way.

It’s a mapping issue causing a usability issue due to a confused interaction metaphor.


This is actually one of the most insightful things I’ve read in a while. As a software developer I understand somewhat about UI principles but this is fascinating. Thank you.

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This issue is exactly why I’m here! It’s very frustrating! It’s counter-intuitive in my brain. Just a “flip the knob” toggle switch would solve it for some, and not bother the others!


I’m glad I am not the only one, its not a pleasant experience. Plus the ratchet is too coarse, I feel like 1 click is not a degree, but like 7/8th of a degree.

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Yes, please. The semi-circle that appears on the screen moves in the opposite direction of the dial. Very counter-intuitive!


I rarely adjust the thermostat, allowing the schedule to take care of all the changes needed. But I agree with the comments above, this thermostat is just programmed to mislead everyone . It’s simply a bad design.

I read a book years ago called The Psychology of Everyday Things (by Donald Norman, still available on Amazon) that explains how bad designs lead people to make mistakes. The people think they are just ‘dumb’ but it’s actually the bad design that caused them to push the wrong side of the door, turn the knob the wrong way, pull when they should have pushed, etc.

This thermostat is another perfect example of flawed design for that book.


I love that book and it should be required reading for everyone in the physical or digital product design world. I just finished it again with my team at work for our book club. The book has since been updated and retitled The Design of Everyday Things. Well worth reading again!

@WyzeGwendolyn – just wanted to flag that a lot of people seem to agree on the dial turning in a confusing way.


I agree. I’ve been looking over all the settings to see if there was a way to change it, and made my way to the forums. It’s just so weird to have to turn the dial to the left to turn up the temperature and to the right to turn it down. Makes my brain cringe.

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This gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME, whoever said “Yes that’s the correct way the knob should interact with the UI” was completely wrong.


THIS x 100!

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It is the most basic requirement. The knob should turn the dial on the screen in the same direction. This is like turning your car steering wheel to the left to turn right! It’s a good brain exercise afterall, but still very confusing :stuck_out_tongue:

I find the thermostat behavior unintuitive. I think the “virtual” knob on the display should be “attached” to the physical knob on the thermostat. Turning the knob clockwise should turn the digital scale clockwise as well, reducing the set temperature and vice versa. This would be more consistent with the Wyze app thermostat behavior. That’s my only comment, it’s a great thermostat.


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Every knob on the planet works as


stove, oven, barbecue, stereo volume, radio tuning dial, everything. Clockwise is up. Always.

(Well, I’m sure there are exceptions, but you get the idea).

please reverse this thing, it’s ridiculously wrong.


This. This topic right here. I thought it was going crazy for always turning the knob the wrong way.

Wyze, any chance to have a toggle to change the logic? As mentioned here it should be a relatively simple programming change.

Just want to keep this thread alive.

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Christmas day install, all went smooth thx to great step-by-step on app. Programming setup using App went good. Wife comes over, says Can I turn it up a degree. I say, yes turn the knob. Hmm, not as expected. And now it’s all frustration in the house. Read PDF online manual that has almost nothing on using the knob. Read here about Left Turn. THANK YOU.
So, Turn Knob to left, Which lights up the “Heat To” left small temp setting display, Then Press Knob so you can adjust the heat to your desired degree setting, and then Turn Knob to the right and adjust to the heat degree you want. Then Press Knob to actually set the temp into the thermostat. Wow…4 steps to change 1 degree. Wife understands now but in a way doesn’t understand why it’s that complicated.

I’m pretty sure you don’t need the last press to set the degree. The others are needed based on the system mode. If set it to just heat or cool rather than Auto, you should be able to just turn the dial to the temp you want and walk away.

OK, will give it a try today. Thank you for replying