Thermostat Dial mapped wrong

I think that the mapping for increasing/decreasing temperature using the thermostat dial is backwards.

currently it’s turn right to increase and left to decrease. however you are extending the dial metaphor into the screen with the hash marks.

these hash marks rotate with the direction of the dial but the values change opposite which is confusing because that does not reflect how the dial would function.

if you want to maintain the mental model and mapping for the dial, turning to the right should reduce the temp and left should increase it. this would match where we would expect to see the temp values if they were physically marked on the dial with values going from lowest to highest.

alternatively, remove the hash marks to disconnect the dial mentally from the display so we read it as a volume nob instead of a dial.

EDIT: adding diagram. Wyze is treating the dial like the left while displaying it like the right side.

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I guess it’s a matter of personal preference, but I prefer the way Wyze has it. To me if would feel backwards to increase temp turning to the left

I would agree that either mapping can be natural. The issue is they have mixed the metaphors creating a mapping that is inconsistent with both possibilities.

if you are treating the the dial as a volume control or tuning knob like the left diagram, the hash marks that rotate with the direction you turn the dial should be replaced with a bar to indicate position.

if you are treating the dial as a combination lock dial like it currently is, it should function like the right diagram to match how it would function as a physical object.

it’s basically the dial equivalent of a Norman door with the current implementation.

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