Toggle the knob direction on Wyze thermostat

Hi. I did the temperature adjustment with 3 steps and No Go, did nothing. So it is a 4 step setting as I had said. Did you try this yourself before replying?

I did try it a long time ago, but I usually leave it on auto.

Please DON’T change the direction of the knob. It is like turning up the volume on a radio now, why would that be weird?

It wouldn’t be weird if they made the hash marks on the display static instead of moving with the dial. It sends mixed signals to a lot of folks for how to interact with the dial to set temps. Basically the display says “I work like a combination lock” but the knob says “I work like a volume knob”. They just need to pick one way to do it and make sure it’s consistent.

Thx VAAISH, personally in full agreement with you on this. I’m guessing WYZE already has a ToDo list of firm /software tweeks for the thermostat. Fully trust them to bring improvements but understand its a lot of user and technical analysis to make right changes. Slow steady “real” improvement is the goal.