Tinycam will not connect to my Wyze email account

This is the second time I have installed Tinycam free version on my phone. I have followed the instructions and setup procedure as best I can and when I select the Live View, I get the message “Failed to connect.Wyze service username"XXXXX.com” is not a valid email address.

My email address IS correct. If it wasn’t, I couldn’t log into the Wyze app. So this has happened twice. Did I overlook something in the setup to cause this? Thanks for any help with this.

Happened to me. Tinycam seems to reject certain domains. The only way I made it work is to change email and start over.

The Wyze server itself didn’t complain. But I needed tinycam because I had other brands of cameras.

Seems crazy that Tinycam would reject a Hotmail / Outlook email address. I want to use Tinycam for the sequencing capabilities. Maybe alexey.vasilyev will read this and have a solution to the problem. I am not going to change my email for that though if that is the problem.

tinyCam does not reject any domains. Most probably you have a space in email in the beginning or at the end entered in tinyCam app. Check that.

Yes, it does. It doesn’t like mailinator.com, for example.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion but I have checked that as well. And as this is the second time that I installed the app, I doubt that if that were the case, that I would have made the same mistake twice. Even the error message has my email address spelled correctly. Other than uninstalling the app to start the setup all over again, is there a way to reset all of my cameras (2 at this point)?

Just curious. Are there restrictions in the app’s free version that could be the culprit?
I have experimented with all of the settings and I am getting another error message of “Video failed (Timeout, check hostname and port number)”. That was after I added the exact same address of that the Wyze app uses successfully.

I really want this to work and I hope this can be fixed. I appreciate your help as well.

I’ve used both free and pro tinycam versions. I don’t see any difference. But I only used the basic capabilities, so there might be a few.

Edit – I think the web server feature, is one such difference.

Well, it turns out that alexey.vasilyev was right about the extra space in my email address. Thanks to my keyboard app, it does insert an extra space on anything that is inserted by the autofill feature. But now that I have the cameras working, I can only get the Cam V2 to work. When I set up my Cam Pan and label it as Cam 1, it shows the V2 cam as well. I guess I will figure that out as well eventually.

If you look closely at the way tinycam sets up Wyze cameras, it distinguishes between V2 and pan cameras. Make sure you select the proper camera type.

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Problem solved. I found the setting for the camera channels. One simple number change did it. So cool to see both cameras at once. And now that I see how well it works, I will go for the Pro version.

Thank you alexey.vasilyev and qlan243 for the help. :wink: :+1:

That’s actually an index to your camera collection. I wish tinycam used the MAC address as the index instead of a numeric index. Because of this, every time you add another camera, it screws up the camera labels.

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Something needs to be done to fix the channels setting. I only have 2 cameras set up at this point and the app switches them almost every time I use it. I have “Cam 1” which is my indoor Pan Cam and it is supposed to be on channel 1. The other camera is my “Front Porch” camera V2 which is supposed to be on channel 2. They seem to always get switched or both channels show the same cam. It is not holding the settings very well or either I am not doing something right in the settings but it seems simple enough. Again, I guess I will figure it out eventually. Geez, I can’t wait to add my third camera. :roll_eyes:

Like I stated above the channel number is an arbitrary index to your cameras as ordered in the Wyze server storage. So every time that order changes, your labels get mixed up. It doesn’t happen all the time though.

Someone here figured out a way to keep the labels correct. It’s in one of these threads.

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Thanks. I will search for that information. :+1:

Did you find an answer about the channel numbers? I have the same problem.


Hi Bill,
Yes, I did find an answer and here it is…

I would have never thought of that.

Happy Holidays!


Thanks! I will try this soon enough!!

Appreciate your reply.



I tried switching around the two cameras on Tiny Cam Pro but that did not fix the problem.
On my Wyze app they are in the order I bought and labeled them and display okay.

There must be something else going on.


Ever since I set the order of my cams in Tinycam to match the order they are in within the Wyze Cam app, I have not had any problems with Tinycam resetting the description. I wish I knew what to tell you to do.