TinyCam Pro with Wyze Cams

I am new to TinyCam and I just downloaded the PRO version last night.
Now I need some more help:

I found these instructions which have been helpful:


But I am stuck at #5:
I have copied the instructions below. I have a Comcast Xfinity router and wifi in the router. I dont know how to get the information explained below so I can view my TinyCam Pro on a PC outside my local network.

Help is appreciated
5. At main menu switch the “Web Server” switch to the right. Your Android device is now serving your camera feeds at the address indicated with the arrows.

  • From your web browser navigate to the address shown on your device.
  • For access outside of your local network you would need to setup port forwarding. Follow your particular routers instructions
    *** On you router- forward the port that is serving on TinyCam (ex. 8080) to the IP address that is hosting the webpage (ex.**
    *** Access your external IP address from outside your local network. (ex**

Typically, you would log on to your router to see what your external address is. Secondarily, there are many tools on the Internet that will tell you. But If you just type “internet ip address” into a Google search screen, Google should be able to tell you as the first match to your search results. If that doesn’t work, the tools should be below that:


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If you need help with the port forwarding setup, this site has instructions for most of the common routers including ISP-provided equipment:

Obligatory security warning:
Keep in mind that forwarding ports through the firewall is a security risk. Common ports like 8080, 80, 443, etc are routinely scanned and attacked by bad actors looking for unsecured or misconfigured web servers. I use my own VPN server to remotely access my LAN, although that is admittedly more work than simply forwarding ports.

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Good point, I forgot about that. Yes, you will need to port-forward that 8080 port to allow access to it from outside your network.

You will need to log onto that router after all.