RTSP - Local Network Question

Hello, apologies if this question is basic! The RTSP instructions say that when setup it can be viewed on the internal network. Is it possible to view these streams from outside the network?

Thanks for a Basic question

You could always use a VPN.

Yes. You have options to view it from outside your network

  1. Connect back to your home network via VPN.
  2. Install a client/server based setup, like iVideon. iVideon will need to run the server app on a machine inside your network. You then connect using an app (Android/iOS/Windows) and view.
  3. Port forward the RTSP port on your router to the IP of the camera.

In all cases, it would make sense that you would want the IP of the camera to be consistent, so it does not change. How you do that, is up to you (DHCP reservation is probably the easiest way, done on the router).

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Thank you, I was also thinking the same thing. Got a VPN would be able to handle this. I guess Iā€™m not as basic as I thought. LOL.

Port forwarding would be the cheapest route. I did that using the TinyCam web server. I think it only cost me $2 for TinyCam.

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