Tiny Cam pro / only one Channel active / camera IP no. blocked on my PC

Tiny Cam pro / only one Channel active / camera IP no. blocked on my PC

I have Tiny Cam pro on my Samsung J7 and my 3 Wyze cams loaded in/set up.
But after setting the first cam to Channel 1 for the other 2 cams the Channel number field was greyed out. How do I go about assigning the other 2 cams to different channels?

Also tried to import the Mac ID to my web browser and it blocked the IP because it was not secured. My phone is running in wireless mode but I have Virgin Mobile 3G also.

I tried Chrome, Edge, and Vivaldi in Windows 10 to no avail. How do I run a secure MAC IP on my PC with Google WI FI home version? The little white puck things.


I’m not suire what is going on with the channels, I’ll see if I can find anything.

The Mac address and an IP are not the same thing. Which are you trying to set up in your router?
You are going to need the IP address of your phone and the Port that TinyCam is using. I believe the default port is 8083.
It’s best to assign a static IP to your phone.
Port foprwarding instructions are here for the Google Wifi.


I was able to select the channel 2 for the second cam.
Since I had 2 channel 1’s it would not let me change those numbers.

I do not have the Google router settings permission as I am a tenant here.

I think I will be okay with the basic setup of the cameras.

I have MEMU on my win 10 desktop but without a wireless card I do not think I will be able to pick up the Wyze cams. I only have wired Ethernet from the Google WIFI.

When I launched Tiny Cam on MEMU it locked things up.

I also tried my Xeoma and Blue Iris software and neither can find the WYZE cams.

I tried a wireless card in my Win 7 pc but that did not work. Maybe I will try it on this Win 10 machine. I really did not like the owners transitioning to a Google router they are nothing like the true PC routers I was using.

Looks like a fire tablet is my best bet.

Or maybe I can screencast my phone view to the PC…


You don’t need WiFi as long as the cameras and PC are on the same network.
A Fire tablet or Fire TV Stick would work.

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