tinyCam Pro Web Server Doesn't Connect On LTE Network?

I’m a new user to tinycam pro. I believe that I have everything set up correctly as I am able to view my streams on both my Android phone and on my Chromebook via the Web Server feature.

However, while playing around today, I noticed that my Android phone has to either be connected to a WiFi network or I have to turn on the mobile hotspot in order for the Web Server feature to work. If I am connected only to the LTE network, the app says “Web Server running, No Internet Connection” As soon as I switch on either WiFi or the hotspot, I get an ip address.

I know the LTE connection is good because I can view my streams in both the Wyze and the tinyCam pro apps. It’s only the web server feature that doesn’t connect.

Is that normal? Is it because tinyCam Pro needs to see a “router” of some sort in order to make the connection?


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I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t a WYZE issue. Check with tinycam support. It’s the tinycam app that’s not able to connect, not the WYZE app, nor the WYZE camera.

tinyCam Dev here.

You need to setup port forwarding on your router to allow accessing tinyCam web server from Internet e,g. from LTE. That means that in LTE connection Android device should act as a router and allow make forwarding which is not possible at all. tinyCam web server will work via port forwarding made on real router.

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Thank you for your response.

I guess I am a little confused. I set up port forwarding through tinyCam Pro as shown here:


That allows me to view my streams in a browser window on a laptop when I am not on my home Wifi, as long as the web server is running on my phone and has supplied an IP address, e.g.
xxx.yyy.zz.qqq:8083. That works fine.

My situation is that the web server feature of tinyCam Pro does not supply that IP address unless my phone is connected to a WiFi network or I have enabled the mobile hotspot on the phone.

(This is more of a curiously question since using the mobile hotspot or WiFi works fine. I’m just curious as to why the web server feature doesn’t supply an IP address when the LTE connection is the only one enabled.)

Are you saying that I need to log into my physical router at home and setup Port Forwarding on the router as well as turning on Port Forwarding in the app in order to obtain the IP address on the LTE network without the mobile hotspot or WifI connection?

When you use the addrress, “xxx.yyy.zz.qqq:8083”, is “xxx” one of these (10, 172, or 192)?

If so, that address isn’t valid outside of your LAN, they are called private or non-routable IP or just LAN IP.

What you need is the WAN IP, WAN stands for Wide Area Network. It’s assigned by your IP. You can get it from your router. Or try, “http://wanip.info/”.

Your WAN IP can change at any time but stays the same most of the time.

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Thanks for the response, but it appears that you don’t quite understand my question.

Let me try to ask it in another way:

Situation 1, a working situation:
Android phone is connected to any Wifi network
tinyCam Pro Web Server is On
tinyCam Pro says “Web server is running…” and displays an IP address
The IP address can be used on a laptop to view camera streams

Situation 2, a working situation:
Android phone Mobile Hotspot is On (which turns off WiFi)
tinyCam Pro Web Server is on
tinyCam Pro says “Web server is running…” and displays an IP address
The IP address can be used on a laptop to view camera streams

Situation 3, the non-working situation
Android phone Mobile Hotspot Off, WiFi Off, LTE connection is the only connection in use
tinyCam Pro Web Server is On
tinyCam Pro says “Web server is running… No network connection”
Since there is no network connection, there is no IP address.

I want to know if Situation 3 is “normal”. Is it normal that tinyCam Pro can not establish a network connection and supply an IP address over the LTE connection alone?

Please answer this question:

When you use the address, “xxx.yyy.zz.qqq:8083”, is “xxx” one of these (10, 172, or 192)?

If a yes, then I fully understand your situation, if the answer is no, then I’m in the wrong.

Good enough?

I understand LAN vs WAN.

The answer to your question is both Yes and No,

When I on my own LAN, the IP address starts with 192, as expected.
When I am not on my own LAN, the IP address starts with something other than 192, e.g 66, again, as expected.

How does that relate to the question that I asked? I either get a valid, working, IP address on WiFi or Hotspot (sometimes private, sometimes public, depending on where I am) or I do not get an Network Connection (no IP address) at all on LTE . It doesn’t matter if I am near my own LAN or not. LTE only = No IP Address.

OK, just to show you I know what I’m talking about …

I have one WYZE cam v2 flashed with the RTSP firmware. I normally watch it on my PC when I’m doing work stuff. It isn’t visible outside of my LAN.

I decided to make it visible outside of my LAN.

I have an LTE Samsung Note8 phone. I turned off its WiFi. Installed VLC. I entered my RTSP URL, with my WAN address substituted in.

And I was able to see that camera feed on my Android phone. With WiFi turned off.

You’re obviously doing something wrong. I tried to help but you’re not very receptive.

OK, I realize after posting that I should have exposed my tinyCam server, rather than my RTSP cam, to the internet.

I just did, using the same steps.

Yep, I see all my cameras using tinyCam’s web server, on my LTE phone, with WiFi turned off.

To clarify: tinyCam webserver is running on a WiFi Samsung tablet


Thanks for your help.

Hi my friend. Seems you are really expert about it, I hope you can give me a hand if you had some time. I just set up Wyze Cam v3 and Tiny Cam Pro (in a dedicated miniserver Android phone movil). All connected to the same WiFi network, now Its working after some attempts after discover that both Camera, and Android movil dedicated server has to have a really strong quality connection to let TinyCam and web server. I can see the live stream when Im connected in the same WiFi (and stream it in Sharptools dashboards).
But now, I cannot access to the stream if I am connected in another WiFi or connected to LTE. I have not flashed Wyze RTSP Cam (Im looking to avoid it). So is there any way I can make something to access to my Wyze Cam stream via TinyCam Pro when Im outside of the home ?.

Thanks in advance for your kindly help, Im not an expert about this, so I ask you can explain to me with apples and sticks… :grin: