Timestamp on the video feed 30 mins slow than the actual time

The timestamp on the live video feed is 30 mins slower than the actual time on the phone and the app.

The notifications show the right time, but the video recorded has a half hour slow timestamp.

Have tried syncing the time, didn’t work. Don’t know if anyone else has noticed the same.

Hey, i’ve got the same issue of lagging behind by 30 minutes.
I am on GMT+530 timezone, in india.
Let me know if you got this fixed?
I am on latest stable fw just updated yesterday 11Dec2018
Trying to add few of the Wyze team members to this…
@MaggieM @JackInThePast


Since the Wyze Cam is not officially supported overseas, I don’t think you’re going to get any attention to this. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

You may want to hop over and VOTE (button at the top of the page) for the topic below, since it would likely solve your issue:

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Well, this answer is similar to like saying:
The app will just support EN language, since we are based in the US!
Is the Wyze app only US English localized? I will be surprised if the answer is yes.

Anyways,this is about respecting what the Android OS reports.
If the app sets the timezone to GMT+500 on getting GMT+530 reported by the Android OS, i feel thats a real bug.

I am surprised, that wyze considers fixing such issues only when it will officially roll wyze service in india, instead when this can be a simple software fix :slight_smile:

This seems to be an issues with all locations that are in a 30 minute timezone. I have the same issue in Newfoundland, Canada. The time zone here is GMT-3:30. We can buy the devices via Amazon Canada but it does not support our timezone.


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