Times refusing to sync

RE: V2 camera, using Android phone

I’m not using Events. I’ve turned the camera on and off, I’ve synced the times in the app. No problems in Live Stream: the times in the upper left-hand corner and the lower right-hand corner are the same.

The problem I’m having is in Playback mode. In Playback, times are shown horizontally in a blue shade where the camera is on; the times are not shaded (in white) where the camera was off. The red vertical line stops wherever I want it, at a specific time. The problem is: the time at the red vertical line is NOT the same as the time on the lower right-hand corner and it should be. It does take time to get it to be the same but it’s taking forever. I have to wait 20-30 minutes before those times sync. As a result, when I record something (not at Events), it’s not recording what I’m telling it to record; it’s off by several minutes.

Anyone know what I’m talking about and how to fix it?

thank you!

ps; the tag I posted is not necessarily correct (it wouldn’t allow me to post without a tag already posted)

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