Timelapse on the v4 hasn’t improved

Timelapse is painful to use for many reasons.

  1. The white lettering on a light background is difficult to read.
  2. Downloads are slow and occasionally stop mid-download.
  3. You have to keep the screen active while waiting for a slow download in order for it to complete.
  4. If the filesize is over 1GB, pray really hard.

My download died. Will try later.

This was addressed years ago. They used a type font that’s legible for both dark and light backgrounds. A subsequent update obliterated the fix.

Wyze cameras used to have an ftp server. They removed it. They can either bring it back or use any open source ftp software. Since they are already using open source code, it shouldn’t be a problem. Then any download manager can be used and the download can be done in the background.

Agreed. Just felt like complaining about the downloads. The lettering has been a problem for years. I hope they fixed it in :deciduous_tree: .o

I haven’t thoroughly tested this but to agree with @ssummerlin… staying on the page to download is silly. Sometimes I even set them and nothing will be there. I can’t tell if it’s because I pulled the camera up to look at something else while it was doing the timelapse stuff and that interrupts it or if it just never runs.

I have seen this on all the cameras. I’ve basically learned to set the time-lapse and DON’T touch the cameras and that seems to ensure it will run correctly. I might be doing something wrong.

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Agree with many points in this thread. I hate the design coloring/font. It’s hard to read anything. I also hate having to stay on that page while it downloads and converts the timelapse. That is really annoying. This should be an approved background process. It gets really infuriating when you have a LARGE timelapse and it fails a few times and takes forever to download/convert. I had one on a WCO that took me HOURS of not being allowed to touch my phone, and it still kept failing and needing me to restart or unpause it over and over again. It made the timelapse experience very unpleasant.

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Isn’t the biggest problem that there can’t be big time-lapse? Anything above 1.9gb get trimmed out and lost and there’s no way to know how many Gb a time-lapse will take unless doing mental maths. Like 2 days should be set at max 20sec per frames.

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Good question. Mine were within reason (not days but like 6 hours).

It stands to reason that a massive time lapse could fail in terms of saving the file. But, I would also think they would have a file system that is built for keeping a file open and writing to it, while not corrupting the file. File systems (unix, DOS, etc) have been doing this for a couple decades reliably.

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I’m not sure what you guys are talking about, I’ve been taking time-lapse every 2nd day for years and downloading them with no issue, yes it takes about 20min but it’s never an issue.

The problem is with 2.5k resolution it fills up to 1.9gb very fast and any length above that size is just lost.

That could explain my problem. I need to not take a photo every 3 seconds. Do you have a good recommendation?