White letters on light gray background

I rarely use timelapse on my cam,but when I do. Two items appear to be poorly designed.

  1. White letters on a light background.
  2. You cannot leave the download page till the download is completed. (I mistakenly hit the back button and had to restart the download.

I’ve been complaining about this for years. :rofl:

I’m glad to see someone else besides me resurrect this issue. :+1:

I actually think they may possibly do something about this in the [near-ish] future by potentially changing the background thumbnail. Hopefully they do. I am glad you are bringing up the topic again. It is impossible for me to read the writing for this timelapse font on my phone.


Wyze has had a terrible concept of colors since day 1. Not only on TimeLapse, but almost everywhere else in the app. Many places that are very hard to read because of extremely low contrast. Has been complained about more times than I can remember.

Note: MIGHT be better for 25 year old eyes, but not worth a damn for this almost 65 year old.

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Wyze user interface is BAD. Buttons that don’t look like buttons, scrolling panels with no scroll indicators, hidden buttons. It seems Wyze developers are fans of software Easter eggs. Hire a pro UI designer.


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