Timelapse doesn't take pictures when disabling travel mode


I’ve tried to get help from support, but they were less than helpful :expressionless:
Hoping someone out here can help…

I’m trying to capture a long timelapse of our new house construction on a remote site.
That means:

  • No power
  • No wifi
  • No base station

On my first try I set up the camera in travel mode (10min interval) and left. Turns out keeping the camera in travel mode drains the camera pretty quickly and it was dead within 12h.

I’ve now run a few tests where I set up the camera in travel mode (10min interval) and then leave travel mode by pushing the SYNC button once.
The good thing is that the battery lasts weeks, but the camera doesn’t take pictures consistently.
In my last test there was a 8h period between the first and second frame of the video. The camera sometimes takes a picture randomly.

It seems like the camera goes into a power saving mode and then doesn’t take pictures…

Has anybody else seen this or know of a solution?