Time Zone Sync Issue

Morning all! I’ve seen a lot of posts about the issues with time zones and Sync Time in the Wyze app, but couldn’t find an answer to this specific weirdness…

Somehow two of our eight cameras got synced to our local NY time zone instead of the remote location they’re at in CO (two hours behind).

It looks like everyone on the forums is saying there’s no setting to fix that, but you can trick them by turning off time zone detection on your iPad, manually setting it to the remote time zone, then syncing the cameras again.

I tried this:

  • Set iPad time to two hours behind ours.
  • Sync camera.
  • Camera now displays…three hours behind ours.
  • …okay, I understand how this game is played now…set iPad time to one hour behind ours.
  • Sync camera.
  • Camera now displays…our exact local time again?

Is this a bug? Am I not grokking something about how Wyze detects time zones from the iPad?

Thanks for your help!