Time on iOS notifications is wrong

I just set up one Wyze V3 and the time notification is three hours behind. I never traveled out of the time zone. I uninstalled and reinstalled the App on IOS, cleared the cache, turned off and reconnected both camera and iPhone with no resolve, Also I sporadically get notifications, if I get one and there is motion after I won’t get another. I probably will return this if I can’t solve this in the next day. Frustrating!

If you never traveled to another time zone, perhaps you can try what this article says. It didn’t help me but it might help you.

Tha August Fix-it Friday is up. Please like my post under that thread if you want to vote for this notification time issue to be fixed.


I’ve started seeing this issue since traveling to Europe and back to the US. My iOS notifications have a time that is now 6 hours ahead. My family also see the same problem on their phonies. As a previous iOS developer I can tell you that the messages in those notifications come from Wyze server side. The app itself has nothing to do with the notification until you tap on it. Some how the Wyze app had previously realized I was in a different time zone and told Wyze. All notifications since have been stuck in that time zone. What I don’t understand is why it didn’t do the reverse when I returned to the US. Frustrating !


Happening to me as well on iOS. I haven’t traveled anywhere. Been on EST timezone, setup the camera last week and it’s always been wrong. Time within the app is correct, time in the notification is off by 3 hours.

Hey devs, however you’re pulling the date for the events tab, do the same for push notifications, not event.create_time + timezoneOffset or whatever is happening.


Looks like enough people reported this issue that Wyze is looking into this:

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@WyzeJasonJ suggested manually changing the time zone and I was able to fix this issue.

In iOS: Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically (uncheck)

Set your phone manually to the current time zone you are in, and that seems to make the Wyze app update Wyze servers with the correct time zone. Hope this works for everyone!

Thanks for the tip, although I don’t know if it bothers me enough that I’d have to manually adjust time zones during travel.

Yeah it didn’t really bother me since I usually see notifications right away.

Anyway, for people bothered by it you can try this.
Not sure if all the steps are needed:

  1. Manually set your phone’s time zone to another one.
  2. Wait 10 minutes.
  3. Manually set your phone’s time zone back to your current time zone.
  4. Unset the manual time zone override.

This is not something you should have to always do, this is just something we are looking at that will cause the times to match again. If it works it should only be a one-time thing.


Ahh, okay. Thanks for clarifying. Let me give it a go.

I live in eastern time zone and just came back from Iceland. My app has the correct time, but my notifications still show +4 hours on the time stamp.

I deleted and reinstalled the app. I turned off the automatic time zone setting and reset it.

NOTHING is changing it and I don’t know why. I have tried everything suggested on this forum with no results. This is ridiculous.

Hallelujah! This worked for me. My notifications were stuck on two hours west. I manually changed the time zone to five hours east, rebooted my phone and waited 10 minutes. Then I went back into settings and switched my time to automatic, rebooted again and waited another 10 minutes. Presto!


YES, this worked! Thank you.

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Unfortunately, this process and every other process recommended did not work for me.

While I was hopeful, this algorithm and every other recommended remedy listed in the Wyze forums have failed to correct the time zone differential between Wyze notifications and phone time. The Wyze mothership still has work to do.

That is too bad. It looks like you’re on iOS?

Are you in the same time zone as your cameras? Did the time on notifications change when you manually set your phone time zone to something else?

The time on my notifications were off by 12 hours after I traveled out of the country. What I did to fix it was:

  1. On my iPhone: Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically (uncheck checkbox)
  2. Set my time zone to London
  3. Wait 10 minutes
  4. Set my time zone to EDT (my current and camera time zone)
  5. Wait 10 minutes
  6. On my iPhone: Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically (check checkbox)

After step 4 my notifications were already showing the correct time. Step 6 was just to set my iPhone’s time zone to be automatic again.

Hope this helps.


Got the same problem, did the steps on my iPad and now it’s ok, even on my iPhone without touching it. Thanks

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Same issue here. New cam set up yesterday. I don’t travel, don’t mess with time zone settings. The time on all notifications is off by 3 hours. Log submitted. This issue dates back to 2019???

I see what IL1 posted and hopefully those steps work for others successfully.

I came to this thread to leave a comment due to the fact the time on my notifications corrected itself without me doing a thing. I haven’t been paying close attention but as the last app update was 3 weeks ago I don’t think it was a bug fix there. Considering push notifications come from a remote server that generates the text of the message, I’m thinking Wyze might have fixed it on their end.

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