Time Lapse Video Only Plays the First Hour

I have a wyze Cam Pan and every night I set up a time lapse recording of the over-night hours. For the past few days, when I download (takes forever, by the way) and view the time lapse video of the previous night, the video will only show about an hour and then cuts out. I can see from the video progress bar that the entire video is not done playing.
I am assuming the problem is because my SD card is getting full…but I thought that the camera automatically records over old video with new recordings once it gets full. Should I be doing a format of the SD card every couple of days to make sure I have enough space?

Hi @j2burles Here are a few suggestions:

Reformat the uSD card on your workstation and un-check the default “quick format” option which will force a complete overwrite of the card and fix or lock out bad sectors.

From ‘Properties’ or a Command Line,
Run chkdsk x: /r where x is the drive letter to double check the uSD card.

@tomp has also recommended (links):

before doing what I know will be big file size timelapse’ I always format my card. its more of a precaution than anything else. I would give that a shot and see if it helps you

and of course, being the card nerd in the Wyze forums, what SD cards are you using?

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Yes, I agree, that is probably a good idea to format before a big timelapse. I’m going to try and remember to do that from now on.
My Pan Cam has a PNY Elite Micro SD HC 1 and it’s 32Gb. I also have a V2 Cam and it has a generic Micro Center Brand Micro SD that is HC 10 and it’s 16 Gb