Cam Pan only recording few hours of video

I have the Wyze cam pan. I had it set to record video to SD card, when triggered by motion. It seemed to hold several days worth of video. (128 GB Samsung Pro Endurance card).

But, since the last firmware update ( , It only records a couple hours of video. I just checked and it’s only got data from today, since 12pm, only 1.4 GB worth of data. I know for certain it should have several days on there though.

Has anyone seen anything like this? BTW I already tried reformatting the card. I’m about to try a different SD card though – we’ll see what that one does.

well you have chosen a good card, but what type of format is on it? ex-FAT or FAT 32?

do a full format and make sure it is FAT 32 and it is not exfat or a “quick format”

more than likely its just a error in the card that happened again or having trouble reading the wrong format if that got changed somehow.

as silly as it sounds make sure your setting are where you want them as I have done updates and found motion detection turned off afterward. ( should be a problem as you said it done have SOME recording done.


I wouldn’t buy any other SD … that card is more than sufficient…

While that card is definitely sufficient it never hurts to try another to rule out an issue with the card itself. Just because it is sufficient does not mean it can’t have an issue.


First, I attempted to format it using windows. Windows won’t format it to NTFS, nor to exFAT – it gives an error message. “wasn’t able to format”. And FAT32 wasn’t even an option.

Searching the internet, I found that Microsoft Windows only lets you use FAT32 on storage sizes up to 32 GB.

However, I was able to format it to FAT32 using GParted, without errors. Not sure why Windows had issues, maybe the SD card is toast. The 2nd SD card that I tried, (same brand, size, and model “endurance pro”) seems to be working fine, I’ve got around 6 GB of video saved to the 2nd SD card now, still going strong.

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Luckily I already had another SD card, since I have 2 Wyze Cam Pans.

what was the outcome…card?

Thanks for clarifying my post … using another card for troubleshooting purposes is spot on … my angle was “that’s a good card - no need to upgrade” (which wasn’t clear).


I also am having a similar issue since the last upgrade. I get the message “NO MORE” when I try to access the play back now on 2 separate cameras. the only solution is to format the card and eject and then reboot. This makes it work again for some time. How come if the card gets full it doesn’t just overwrite the old video? I had it set to only record events if that helps the troubleshooting. I dont know how much it will record this time, but it was clearly not full.
I was using a 32gb card as recommended.
Note, the Android app also always reports on all of my cameras that the memory card is empty all the time even though I know it is not since there is video recorded for days. maybe this is related.