Wyze cam pan sd micro card

I have a cam pan. I bought the Wyze 32g sd card. I formatted it to the fat32. The camera recognizes it but it’s not recording. I go to hit play back and it says there are no videos to play back! I’ve had this problem from the start. Anyone else have this issue? Help!

Yes, many of us. I gave up and just pretend the cards aren’t there, because about 85% to 90% of the time that’s what the cameras seemed to think. Got tired of resetting and reinserting and reformatting.

But other users have had much better luck. The current recommendation is to use only “high endurance” cards.

The best formatter I’ve found is from the SD Memory Card association. It made cards even my PC couldn’t see, work.
The second best formatter is exFat. found in Windows formatting, It is preferred over Fat32 formatting for SD cards, especially larger capacity ones. That’s why it is an option on Windows. I have seen no factual evidence that Wyze needs “High Endurance” cards, class 10 or better, yes. Though I’m not even sure of that. Wyze isn’t actually doing anything that resembles “High Speed HD” movie streaming. Even if you continuous record, you wont be writing over the same SD allocation unit (sector) very often, hours worst case, days more likely.