Time-lapse buggy

the time-lapse is very buggy on the v3 pro:

-sometimes it doesn’t save at all
-today i canceled it early, it asked stop and save? i said OK. but it only saved the first half of it, the last half was completely missing

if you ask me the time-lapse is designed completely wrong. if i am using SD card which records 1 week back, why does it have to create a new recording? the time-lapse function should be able to pull out the frames from the existing continuous recording to my desired specs and create a time-lapse from that

First of all, that would depend on having a uSD card and being set to continuous recording. Lastly, it would require that there is continuous recording for the duration desired. Except for people who have large uSD cards, or only want short time lapses, that would cause problems. Too many “IFs” there. The current method works under all circumstances without being dependent on all the “IFs”.

Second is (my speculation) that would take more CPU power than the camera has available.