Time gaps between motion detection

I can confirm that with my both cameras, there are time gaps between the alert videos even if there is continuous motion. In my tests, I have noticed it has a wait time of about 4 minutes (sometimes even longer) when it records the other alert video. This is a problem as I might miss crucial information in those very important minutes in case of a security threat.

Can someone chime in with their observations? Perhaps there is a setting to selectively remove the delay between the consecutive alerts.


I think given that Wyze is providing free 14 day cloud storage for the motion alert clips, it’s very reasonable that there’s a built in delay between clip uploads. Otherwise the server could be swamped with basically continuous recording from some cameras, which is not reasonable to expect them to do.

I think the solution for users if the gap is too great, is to put an SD card in the camera and set it to record continuously. That way, you can use the alert videos to see if there’s something that needs further examination, and then go playback the card recording at that time for the longer view.

Ok. I understand the argument of built-in delay. Thanks,

Still, to solve the security concern, is there a way to extend the 12 seconds (currently fixed) to up to 25 seconds (or higher if it makes sense from server load perspective). This will allow me to record the “substantial” portion of the moment even if not “full”.

I have not tried the continuously recording on SD card so bear with me. But on the surface, it does not seem to be a good workaround for alerts. I would not know when to look for in the recording and also moving back and forth in the recorded stream to the time will be a bit tedious. Can I watch the recorded stream while it is recording?

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Currently, using free 14 day rolling Alert notifications via the Notification tab, there is only the 12 second record option. And the “cool down” is not configurable.

I use the continuous recording via an SD card. With an SD card, you can also pick Record on event, but it doesn’t look like you can configure either of those settings with the SD either.

I would, however, still like to know what the “cool down” time is set at, and I’d love to configure this on my SD card.
With a previous DLink cam I had, I had it setup to do a Standard Definition, 1 fps recording continuous AND a HD recording when it detected motion. I thought that was ideal.

It is ~5 mins between notification events.

The only way you can have longer clips is, stick in a microSD card in there, and tell it to record either continuously, or per event. Per event is still to short for me, so I set it continuous. You can get around 3 days per 16GB , so 6 days would need a 32GB card, and 12 days would need a 64GB microSD card.

Yep, as others have mentioned, go with the SD card and set it to continuous recording if you actually want to capture things when they happen. You can leave the alerts on, but quite honestly IMHO I find them to be pretty useless. When I have motion alerts turned on my cameras (x6 - all pointed outside) trigger alerts every 5+ mins ALL DAY LONG! and therefore send notifications to my phone every 5+ minutes ALL DAY LONG! It didn’t take long to realize that wasn’t going to work long term.

I am running the 64gb cards and they last just short of 2 weeks before they start recording over themselves. For me, that seems to be a very acceptable amount of time to realize something has happened on the property that I would need to look into.

It appears that if motion alerts are on AND a SD card is in the cam (set to continuous recording) there are gaps in the continuous recording that correspond to the alert video segments. This would mean that to get a true continuous recording you would need a way to merge the alert segments back into the continuous recording. Is my assumption correct or do I have something set wrong?

I thought that the max SD card you could put in these cameras was 32. @ShadowCam does the camera work with 64? Currently, I have a 32 in there.

Actually SD card is not all that useful as the thieves can see the cam and take the whole thing with them. Upload of 12 secs for 14 days with 5 min cool down is also useless. THUS. this camera system is not good for security. Its just good for turning on to see a location remotely or to have fun with. If I am missing something please let me know.


It should let you upload to your youtube account and be limited.

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This makes this camera pretty unless and a novelty item with the time gaps in security of such high measure. Not working as advertised with sd card motion detection.

I have all nine of my Wyze cameras set to record continuously to the uSD card. Four of them have 64GB cards and five have 32GB cards. On all of them, continuous recording means just that - continuous. There are no gaps, you can play back recording video while it is recording, and the cloud alerts work as advertised.

Is this a replacement for a multi thousand dollar security system? No.

Is it better than nothing? Absolutely.


Seanmaloney93, Wyze recommends a 32GB card but many of us are using 64Gb and 128GB cards. A 32GB card is probably the most cost effective and why Wyze recommends it.

There should be an option to record for longer with less gaps via paid subscription. Also, longer with less gaps for SD.

Please hop over to the link below and vote for it. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top:


The 5 minute gap is too long. I’m now told these are lifestyle cameras not security so we shouldn’t use as such.

The camera just needs shorten the cooldown time to a minute or two and then we would miss fewer events. My daughter was able to drive down my driveway, get out, open the door, get back in, park the car and close the door without ever triggering an alert. All because a trees shadow caused an alert.

i found this on the SD card but I had to go looking for it. This happens too much. I own 8 and find them very useful but still lacking from a security standpoint. Yet they could be great. Please fix.

Please keep an eye on this topic. It is currently “in-development”. :slight_smile:


In locations where a Wyze Sense motion sensor can be used (indoor or protected), the sensor will trigger cloud recordings without the five minute timeout and will be much less sensitive to tree motion and shadows.

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Is the cool down feature notifications apply to all cameras, meaning if one camera sends notification and records an event, and shortly there after one of the other cameras senses movement will it not send an alert more record an event unless the cooldown period has expired?

The cool down feature is specific to each camera, if one detects motion and goes into 5-minute cool down and a second pics up motion 2 minutes later it will record a clip then that cam will go into cool down mode

Thanks for the reply. I just booked mine up. And when I had one camera record an event and send notification, and one of the other cameras sensed motioning did not send notification or record an event. I’ll test out again tomorrow.